8-15-11: From Delaware to Korea

Allen’s Family Foods, a 92-year-old poultry business based in Delaware, declared bankruptcy in June, and was purchased by Harim Group, a poultry company based in Korea. We talk with a grower who worked with Allen’s about what that might mean.

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8-1-11: Hairspray

Baltimore’s first-ever local community production of Hairspray is currently running at the Essex campus of the Community College of Baltimore County — theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck gives us her take.

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12-20-10: Et Tu, Transparency?

Has the stimulus act lived up to its promises of transparency?

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12-8-10: A Second Wind for the Weatherization Industry?

After a slow start, Maryland’s stimulus-funded Weatherization Assistance Program is hitting its stride. What did it take to get it there, and what happens once the stimulus money’s all gone?

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11-17-10: How Green Can America’s Waterworks Get?

How a “Green Reserve” slice of $6 billion in EPA stimulus money may be changing the types of water infrastructure projects that get built in Maryland and the country.

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Having a Tea Party on Texas I-35

The President of the Waco Tea Party told NPR this morning that their ousted congressman had spent too much effort on the stimulus, and too little on local projects like expanding I-35 in Texas. SMTS estimates that at least $122,012,379 in stimulus money is being spent on I-35 in Texas.


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10-22-10: Shave and Pave Stimulus

The life and times of one 1.1 mile-long highway repaving project funded with stimulus money.

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Transportation Stimulus in Your County

SMTS looks at how stimulus transportation dollars have been spread across the state.

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The Week in Stimulus: Broadband to MD, State Department from MD, and Ronald Walters Remembered.

A new GAO report, $115 million for broadband in Maryland, the late Ronald Walters looked for African-Americans working on stimulus projects in Silver Spring and found few, and more Maryland ARRA news.

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More Stimulus, Less Stimulus, and Where Stimulus

A look at some of the week’s stimulus news, including more on “Stimulus 2.0” and a deep look at how stimulus funds are pooling around the D.C. beltway.

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